When Madheshi speak,

Weather looks spring,

Birds sing and dance,

Flower blooms in Madhesh,

Monk pray for peace,

People hope for Mukti,

And I jump on peaks!

When Madheshi speak,

Children play in ground but youth play on road,

Herbivorous change food and so people talk in country,

Eyes wink even in dark,

And lion roar in Madhesh,

Troop move fast where ruler runs,

And I look carefully because “The dream is going to be true”!

Jay kranti !! Jay Janta Jay Janatantra !!


Dr. Manoj Mukti “Vivek”

(Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha)


Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha

22 Octuber 2011, 9:11 AM


सम्बन्धित खबर